Produced at the University of Florida College of Education's Office of eLearning, Technology, & Communications, this mini-doc highlights the work being done in the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies (IALT). It was created over the course of 6 months, 13 interviews, and 30 pages of transcripts. Shaping this story and leading the post-production of the whole piece was incredibly rewarding and I'm so glad to finally share the full piece and some standout animation sequences.
We’re creating a future where educational technology meets the needs of learners everywhere. At the UF Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies, the possibilities are limitless. 

How do learners interact in this interconnected and complicated world? What is it we want to do, and how can we leverage AI to meet those needs? These are just some of the questions that drive us to push the boundaries of teaching and learning. At the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies, researchers are pushing the boundaries, turning groundbreaking discoveries into actionable, scalable solutions. 

Together, we are creating the future. Learn more about IALT at

▪️IALT Faculty 
Thomas Dana, Ph.D. — IALT Director 
Pavlo Antonenko, Ph.D. — Associate Professor, Neuroscience Applications for Learning Laboratory 
Anthony F. Botelho, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor 
Kara Dawson, Ph.D. — Professor 
A. Corinne Huggins-Manley, Ph.D. — Associate Professor, Fair Measurement Research Lab 
Maya Israel, Ph.D. — Associate Professor, Creative Technology Research Lab 
Swapna Kumar, Ed.D. — Clinical Professor 
Bojan Lazarevic, Ph.D. — Clinical Assistant Professor 
Walter Leite, Ph.D. — Professor, Virtual Learning Lab 
Rob Moore, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor, Investigating Digital Ecologies to Advance Transformative Education Research Lab 
Nigel Newbutt, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor, Equitable Learning Technology Lab 
Seyedahmad Rahimi, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor, Game-Based Assessment and Measurement in Education Lab 
Albert Ritzhaupt, Ph.D. — Professor, Dynamic Educational Technology Advancements and Innovations for Learning Lab 
Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D. — Associate Professor, Advanced Learning Technologies Studio 
Jinnie Shin, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor 
Wanli Xing, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor 
Joshua Cornelius — Director and Producer 
Sami Wax — Director, Editor, Producer, Story Editor, Motion Graphics and Production Designer 
Ian Clontz — Editor, Video Production and Colorist 
Jason Arnold — Executive Producer 
S. Moxy Moczygemba — Producer and Story Editor 
Kevin Coulson — Associate Producer 
Alexis Moore — Associate Producer and Production Designer 
Maria Perez — Production Manager 
Kat Atunes — Video Production 
Warren Butler — Video Production 
Angela Epps — Video Production 
Jack Losier — Video Production 
Rayna van Beuzekom — Video Production 
David Levesque — Sound Design 
Riley Mazezka — Graphic Design
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